You asked for it…

an 80 year old woman thought I'd want her blazer. Duh.

Mav Viola 

Mav is a comedian from Virginia who moved to Los Angeles twelve years ago to avoid everything she now talks about in her standup comedy. Her style is approachable, energetic, fearless and thought provoking. She's best known for her relentless crowd work and constant engagement with the audience. Everyone leaves Mav's shows a little gayer. 

Now for some technical bullshit. Mav has her undergraduate degree in Sociology from James Madison University as well as her MFA in Theater, Film, and TV from California State University, Los Angeles. She attended UCLA's Professional Program in Screenwriting and is a Graduate of The Second City Conservatory Program for Improv and Sketch Comedy writing.

None of this training has helped Mav remember where she last saw her keys.