The RichyRich and Westopher Show Open Relationships? Diora Baird, Mav Viola


On this week’s show, we want to know: Are you open to an open relationship? UP FRONT: Our guests!!! Diora Baird and Mav Viola, coming out in The Advocate. George A. Romero RIP. John Heard RIP. Chester Bennington RIP. CELEBRITY SHADE: R. Kelly cult. Teen Wolf cast all have dick pics online. NERD NEWS: SDCC: Justice League trailer. Wonder Woman 2. Professor Marston & The Wonder Women Trailer. Female Dr. Who.

Playing with Balls Podcast #41 Gettin' Spiritual w/ Comedian Mav Viola


Comedian, Actor & Sports Enthusiast, Man Viola, joins Host, Shannon Leigh on this latest episode of Playing with Balls! You may remember Mav as one of the participants in PWB's 2017 Home Run Derby event earlier in July and while the two reminisced about her crushing defeat and ultimate doom in the dunk tank, they talk about a myriad of other random topics as well! Lots of wine, relationship and life silliness and reflection...they had so much fun in fact that Mav's coming back for a Part Deux episode coming in October (also because they both have ADD and ran out of time)! Check out this super fun episode!

Wake & Bake Podcast #31


Say HIGH to Mav Viola! Mav and I talked about Dating App culture, the transition into the comedy world and a few of our unique standup experiences, from "The 420 Friendly Comedy Show," to a theatre in Boston, to a rehab facility. We break down the experiences and our takeaways from certain shows. We also have a blast playing 3 hot rounds of "Random Riff!" This was a dope episode, so enjoy listening to this tasty pod.


Moon Me Podcast - Episode 26 - Total Lez(bian)


Dana Moon sits down with good friend, hilarious stand up comedian, actress, and “total lez” MAV VIOLA! Mav and Dana bond over their love for Carol Burnett, they discuss their experience working for the live Carol Burnett show together, the girls give insider juice about the people working on Carol’s team AND OH.EM.GEE the feels they got meeting the legend that is, Carol Burnett (and the regrets they had immediately after.)

Mav tells Dana she’s bisexual, Dana makes fun of Mav’s hometown in Virginia, Mav talks about her super Christian days, what does it mean to have a “good vagina”, moving to LA, meeting her fiancé who is a famous superstar model/actress Diora Baird and how she knew right away that “she was the one.”

Find out why Mav’s first date with her fiancé Diora was filmed for a documentary, why she had to take part of a crazy intense sting operation to put a man behind bars, what its like being a new parent AND so much more!


35 LGBT Creators We Love - WHOHAHA

You are so lucky. You just stumbled onto a collection of some of the funniest people in the world. Can you even??

These 35 hilarious people make us cry from laughing on the daily, and we’re happy to present them to you now. Watch them slay, then click on their names to like, follow, give them your $$$, tell all your friends about them, and celebrate. We got a lot to be proud of, hunnies.

Here to Help the Straight Ladies of WHOHAHA

This video had us right from ‘sports brahs’.  Mav Viola is a hilarrrrrious stand-up comic who can make absolutely anything funny, from masculinity to Bieber to people who ‘hate drama’.  We’re huge Mav heads, and we know this sensual stand-up set will convert you too.